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Specialty Cocoa

Cocoanect Specialty Cocoa connects the world’s best plantations with the artisans of high end chocolate makers. We share your passion for perfectionism! Defining the different flavor aspects begins with understanding the product from the source. We source cocoa beans from and to people who are passionate about cocoa. Who understand that the taste of chocolate is a translation of the transition process from bean to bar. We closely work together with all kinds of fine chocolatiers all over the world. Together we explore the world of cocoa and try to introduce new flavors to the market. We constantly challenge ourselves, tasting different cocoa beans from different places all over the world.


  • Production
  • Wholesale
  • Distribution
  • Custom Packaging
  • Transportation & Logistics


Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale, Distribution and Export

CariProd is an international, full Service Produce company specialized in Tropical Produce Specialties. We pride ourselves in forming long lasting partnerships with Reputable growers, shippers, buyers, Distributors and Brokers in the United States and around the world.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Worldwide.

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